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Accepted Paper:

Our homeland, our assets: Inuit rights, governance, and mining in Nunatsiavut, Canada  
Andrea Procter (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Paper short abstract:

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Paper long abstract:

Over the past thirty years, many Labrador Inuit have fiercely resisted mining developments as threats to their cultural survival. The Labrador Inuit land claim was settled in 2005, and Inuit are now debating whether to allow uranium mining within their new territory of Nunatsiavut - this time as the landlord. This paper explores three examples of mining disputes in Labrador since the 1970s that highlight the changing strategies that Inuit, provincial and federal governments, and industry use to claim ownership, to frame the relationship between Inuit and the land, and to present and create desirable Inuit economic and political activity. Major questions addressed include: How have discourses of indigeneity, citizenship, and neoliberalism been used to constitute resources and relationships? How are these discourses and relations with resources now rearticulated and challenged in the new political and economic circumstances of the post-land claims era?

Panel W125
Imagined resources and governance of community
  Session 1