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Migration and materialities of home 
Hilje van der Horst (Wageningen University)
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27 August, 2010 at
Time zone: Europe/London
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Short Abstract:

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Long Abstract:

This workshop addresses the intersections of material culture and migration in various practices of home-making. Home is never a stable status, but instead always 'in the making'. Attachments to places of residence and places of origin are expressed, but also created and sustained through disparate practices. Material culture and consumption play a vital role in many such home-making practices.

The papers in this workshop address topics such as the interior decoration of living places, everyday consumption practices, the representation of migrant identities in museums and material objects used in religious practices and rituals. In addition, the workshop addresses the role played by religion and education in they ways in which migrants and their descendants forge and sustain home-like attachments to countries of origin and countries of residence.

Accepted papers:

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