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Accepted Paper:

Turkish immigrants in Vienna: a case study  
Siobhan Geets (University of Vienna)

Paper long abstract:

According to the Report of Integration in Austria (2007-2009), immigrants with a Turkish background have the most difficulty integrating into Austrian society. When looking at the facts, "religion" is one of the main factors indicating difference.

According to the Report of Integration in Austria, non- secularised Muslims have the greatest difficulties when it comes to accepting the ethical values of their host country. So, the problem is not "The Muslims" or "The Turks", as some right-winged political parties and media suggest. The problem, as well as the solution, are much more complex.

The ambition of this paper is to show a differentiated view about the causes of this problem, namely that it is a matter of social questions and education. When parents exhibit a low level of education, their children often start with a massive disadvantage when it comes to their own education and the adoption of a new, often completely alien language (German) at the entrance into primary school.

The study involves interviews with employees and course participants at the Turkish association for integration I am working for in Vienna. Therefore it is a non-representative case study with the aim of providing an insight on the condition of schoolchildren and their parents.

Panel W122
Migration and materialities of home
  Session 1