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Indiascapes: reflections of contemporary India 
Jonathan Miles-Watson (Durham University)
Mari Korpela (Tampere University)
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Start time:
27 August, 2010 at
Time zone: Europe/London
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Short Abstract:

The workshop will generate a sense of the relationality of dynamic, contemporary, Indiascapes. In doing so it seeks to move beyond established divisions and complicate dominant recitations of extant practice.

Long Abstract:

This workshop aims to explore, through the presentation of specific case studies, the extent to which imaginings of India are reinforced or undermined by everyday practice. This workshop gathers academics from both India and Europe to share accounts of contemporary India that can act as a springboard for the consideration of trends in anthropological explorations in the region. In particular we are interested in the way that anthropologists are working with recitations of extant practice in India.

As a secondary outcome the workshop seeks to establish how change and continuity is viewed by both the communities that the anthropologists work with and by the anthropologists themselves. This includes notions of change as presenting new opportunities, change as disorientating, tradition as comforting and tradition as constraining.

Accepted papers:

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