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Accepted Paper:

A Munda village, Gabherya, Jharkhand, India: a study in anthropology of the right to health, issues of citizenship, power, and governance  
Satya Narayan Munda (Dr.Shyama Prasad Mukherjee University)

Paper short abstract:

1. A Traditional Munda Tribal village. 2. Tribals of Jharkhand need to struggle for their identity and survival. 3. Late Mahatma Gandhi's concept for decentralization of power of the village.

Paper long abstract:

The village of Gabhreya in Jharkhand is a traditional Munda tribal village set amidst forest, hills and mountains.It is located 43 Kilometres North- East of Ranchi (the capital of Jharkhand).In this village 200 families reside and have 1600 Acres of land for their survival. In the village the families of three communities (Munda, Hazam, Lohra) depend on agriculture, lac production, pastoralism and labour, the jajmani system and buisness.People of the village are honest, co-operative and united and are in a preliterate or semiliterate stage.

The tribals of Jharkhand have been struggling for their identity and survival for a long time. The father of the Nation, the Late Mahatma Gandhi, wanted to decentralize the power of the state to allow a better future for the villages of India. Today Gabhreya needs Panchayat Election under the PESA Act of the Government of India, dated 24th December 1996, where issues like the right to health, citizenship,power and governance would find prime focus.

Panel W119
Indiascapes: reflections of contemporary India
  Session 1