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Accepted Paper:

has pdf download Conceptualizing identity movements in India  
Ashok Das Gupta (University of North Bengal )

Paper short abstract:


Paper long abstract:

The crisis of identity movements in India does not remain a local issue and has a global impetus. Such studies are very frequent now-a-days, but they have perhaps been done from the imaginative power of anthropology that occupies the central dogma of the humanities. A field study has been conducted by the author in the northern districts of West Bengal, India, among the Rajbansi community. This community has been involved in an identity movement that may have historical, politico-economic and sociological perspectives. This is not the main aspect of the paper, but from this micro-level study, the author has tried to conceptualize how in such a remote area international and national issues can become so active and in turn meet the reverse action from the locals when humanity is so badly suffering from a global economic crisis.

Panel W119
Indiascapes: reflections of contemporary India
  Session 1