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Negotiating values: care support, solidarity and elderly people 
Piet van Eeuwijk (University of Basel)
Jana Gerold (University of Basel)
Vendelin Simon Tarmo (University of Dar es salaam)
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Start time:
26 August, 2010 at
Time zone: Europe/London
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Short Abstract:

The shift from cure to care has a strong impact on support schemes. Social and cultural values are increasingly re-negotiated by different actors involved in elder care. We explore whether and to what extent this potential crisis strengthens resilience and agency of care-receivers and care-givers.

Long Abstract:

On-going demographic, epidemiological and social transformations along with urbanisation and change of lifestyle in most Asian, African, and Latin American societies lead to a distinct shift of health priority from cure to care. Starting from a broad 'care' understanding, which represents the moral quality of life in society and embodies both attitude and process directed towards the other and towards the future, we shed light on related values in elder care and explore how they are challenged in everyday practice.

We encourage participants to explore how solidarity, trust, power and gender in elder care is re-conceptualised/re-presented by different groups of actors, which aged people are most vulnerable/resilient to failing care, and where potentials arise from elder care. Reflections on newly emerging issues (eg perspective of care-givers; increasing commercialization of care support) are welcome. We wish to examine how elderly individuals experience their well-being in institutionalized care settings worldwide. Finally, we also want to explore how migrants cope with increasing care needs 'at home' and utilize their transnational resources.

Accepted papers:

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