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Accepted Paper:

'Do we care?' Critical observations on 'culture sensible elderly care in Austria'  
Margret Jaeger (Vienna Social Fund Education Centre)

Paper long abstract:

The presentation resumes experience in teaching "culture sensible elderly care" in adult education in Austria and shows how person centred care across different cultures, religions etc. may contribute to both better working conditions and patient's satisfaction and wellbeing. Representing a 25 years old centre for migrants best practice examples from other countries needed to be used to discuss the issue. People with migration background nearly do not appear as clients/patients in intra and extramural care systems in Austria. Different reasons for that have been pointed out in Germany and Switzerland already, but dates from Austria's reality are nearly inexistent. We know already migrants may not count any longer with the family's solidarity when getting older and perhaps ill, but also do not use help from care systems in the way it would be possible. Gender aspect is getting more important as more men start working in care jobs and the question of which sex does the daily care work raised.

Panel W102
Negotiating values: care support, solidarity and elderly people
  Session 1