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Accepted Paper:

Care and love: how does this go together?  
Jana Gerold (University of Basel)

Paper long abstract:

This research project wants to explore dimensions of caring for and caring about elderly, which go beyond values such as solidarity, obligations and community support.

This study aims to examine care provision and reception by and of spouses during old age and how these dimensions are part of love relations. A special focus will be laid on care practices in the context of acute curable diseases and chronic illness. Further the study wants to find out about the role intimacy plays, when one partner provides care for the other. This study tries not only to analyze spouse relationships where care is provided but also tries to look into why care is failed to be provided.

The study setting is an urban low-income residential area in Tanzania (Dar es Salaam) where in-depth interviews and observations will be conducted.

Panel W102
Negotiating values: care support, solidarity and elderly people
  Session 1