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Lifeworlds of children and youth in times of crisis 
Anna Streissler (University of Vienna)
Elise Guillermet (IRD)
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Humanities Large Seminar Room 1
Start time:
25 August, 2010 at
Time zone: Europe/London
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Short Abstract:

This workshop focuses on the impacts of "crises" on the lifeworlds of children and youth and how they perceive and actively cope with them. Young people's perceptions of "crisis", their agency and place-making in crisis and adults' reactions towards the young in "crises" are addressed.

Long Abstract:

This workshop focuses on both the impacts of "crises" on the lifeworlds of children and youth and how they perceive and actively cope with it. We think of crisis as economic, political, ideological, ecological, demographic, medical and military, influencing children's and young people's places in societies and their (possibilities for) agency.

We are expecting contributions on three questions:

1) How are children and youth defining and perceiving "crisis"?

What are children and youth thinking about adults' discourses and preoccupations related to "crisis"? Are their perceptions similar or different to those of adults? If so, how and with which consequences?

2) How are children and youth acting in particular unsafe situations (due e.g. to the global economical crisis, local political and military conflicts, epidemics, family poverty or dislocation)?

Are their conventional roles as social actors changing and if so, in which ways? Are they taking on new responsibilities and are they creating new places for themselves? How are they resilient and how are they resisting and acting to defend their own rights?

3) How do adults address "crises" vis-a-vis children and youth?

How do adults' fears concerning "crisis" and hopes for overcoming it influence children and youth and which consequences arise (e.g. in politics, education, health care, human rights)?

The workshop also inquires into children's and young people's imagination as part of their agency in times of "crisis".

Accepted papers:

Session 1