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Accepted Paper:

The Girl Guide Association of Cyprus: girl's and women's perceptions and resulting actions of the Cypriot conflict and other crises  
Nadja Wessely

Paper short abstract:

This paper elaborates on the impact of the Cyprus conflict on members of the Girl Guide Association of Cyprus. The actions and perceptions of children and young people involved are discussed and the discourse within different generations of women is elaborated upon.

Paper long abstract:

The Girl Guide Association of Cyprus is a non-governmental organisation for girls and women with members ranging from four years and upwards including women in their eighties. Prior to the internal Cypriot conflict with its international ramifications there were both Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot members within the organization. After hostilities erupted in 1974 and the country was divided the Greek-Cypriot members kept the organization functioning and adapted the organizational structure to conform to the new circumstances. This paper deals with the impact on and the actions taken by the children and young people of 1974 and how they perceive these actions, following developments and issues as present day adults. Also the perceptions of today's children and young people within the organization on the past and the existing situation are discussed and the discourse within these generations of women will be elaborated upon.

Panel W093
Lifeworlds of children and youth in times of crisis
  Session 1