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Understanding conflicts, climate change, and sustainable growth nexus 
Ibukun James Olaoye (Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research, Ibadan)
Kingsley Edewor (Saradore Trust Nigeria Limited)
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Palmer 1.06
Thursday 29 June, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

Insecurity has forced many people to be displaced and lose their livelihoods besides climate change impacts. Understanding the effect of climate change on rising conflict, particularly in emerging economies is critical to formulating effective policies to achieve sustainable development goals.

Long Abstract:

In the wake of the rising climate change impacts and conflicts, it is fast becoming difficult for nations, especially emerging economies to achieve sustainable development goals. Given that millions of people are been pushed to extreme poverty as many lost their livelihoods, especially smallholders due to conflicts and climate change. Understanding the root cause of conflict and how climate change causes conflict is critical for designing effective conflict resolution strategies and formulation of policies that will ease the nation's struggles to achieve sustainable growth agendas. Unraveling the intrinsic and dynamic natures of issues surrounding conflict, climate change, and sustainable growth will help to tackle the rising insecurity across most nations of the world and particularly in developing nations.

Insecurity arises in the forms of banditry, resource conflicts, coup d’état, and interstate conflict among others ravaging the development of many countries as it displaces millions of people globally. Therefore, this panel seeks papers that will address the following issues: What are the causes of insecurity? What relationship exists between climate change and insecurity? How do climate change and insecurity affect sustainable growth? What conflict resolution strategies are available for managing insecurity? What sustainable option for effective management of climate change and conflict?

The aim of the conveners is to develop a collaborative publication from the panels’ collection of papers on how to tackle the triple emergencies of climate change, conflicts, and sustainable growth struggles and provides detailed solutions by drawing on global assessments.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Thursday 29 June, 2023, -