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Systems leadership, complexity and the sustainable development goals (SDGs) 
Kelechi Ekuma (University of Manchester)
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Power, learning and emotions in achieving the SDGs
Thursday 18 June, -, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

This panel explores the concept and dynamics of systems leadership, with the aim of illuminating how it could help to address complex policy challenges such as poverty and inequalities, and promote the attainment of the global goals.

Long Abstract:

Over the past recent years, 'complexity theory' and systems thinking have seen growing popularity among social scientists in their quest to better understand how complex human institutions work. Across a number of social science disciplines, these theoretical insights are enabling scholars to achieve a more nuanced understanding of how social systems work and their underlying complexities. These approaches have started to have an impact on leadership scholarship and development studies, as it has become apparent that many of the problems policymakers are grappling with are fundamentally complex and embedded in complex systems. Globalisation, socio-economic and demographic changes, and the shift towards knowledge-driven digital economy mean that modern societies are characterised by greater complexities. Systems leadership with its emphasis on inclusive engagement, empowerment and collaborative action, will arguably play a vital role in tackling these emerging challenges.

It is against this backdrop that this panel explores the idea of systems leadership and its implications for the sustainable development goals (SDGs). The overarching aim is to understand how this leadership approach could help address complex policy challenges such as poverty and inequalities, and promote the attainment of the SDGs both in developed and developing contexts. We invite papers that critically explore the theoretical or empirical dimensions of systems leadership, as well as those that critically examine the system dynamics of one or more of the 17 inter-related goals underpinning the SDGs, with a view of identifying new forms of leadership that promote sustainable systemic change.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Thursday 18 June, 2020, -