The politics of development under Buen Vivir
Sarah Radcliffe (University of Cambridge)
Sarah Radcliffe
Room 11 (Examination Schools)
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12 September, 2016 at 14:00
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Short abstract:

The panel seeks to explore the goals, meanings and outcomes of public policy shifts in Ecuador and Bolivia from a critical development perspective.

Long abstract:

Over the last decade, the politics of development in 'post-neoliberal' countries of South America have required changes in our analytical and policy understandings of how values, procedures and patterns of state-craft and citizenship are imagined, routinized and implemented. Since 2006, Ecuador's and Bolivia's constitutional and planning frameworks have shifted to achieve a reduction in inequality and a search for socially and environmentally sustainable development. These major formal changes have had profound implications for the politics of development thinking, practice and aspiration in these countries. The panel seeks to explore the transformations in the goals, meanings and outcomes of public policy in Ecuador and Bolivia, and situate them within critical development analyses. The DSA 2016 conference offers an ideal opportunity to examine these shifting politics of development after ten years of reorganization of development governance, citizenship, and state-citizen dynamics. We welcome papers from diverse disciplinary and theoretical perspectives.