Poster session
Ana Maria Martinho (CHAM-NOVA FCSH-UAc)
Noemi Alfieri (CHAM-NOVA FCSH-UAc)
B1 corridors
Wednesday 17 July, 15:00-16:30

Short abstract:

We encourage students and scholars to present their research results centred on the conference concept in visually appealing and conclusive posters.

Long abstract:

In this conference a multidisplinary and integrative approach to the main theme “Innovation, Invention and Memory in Africa” will be encouraged, allowing the presentation of worldwide scientific novelty, the discussion of comparative narratives and the implementation of complementary methodologies, with impacts in distinct fields of science and of the society. The following points should be considered: Content: the poster should present the research projects and its findings in a comprehensive, clear and cogent way Relevance: content should be relevant to the conference concept and, represent an original contribution to current debates Aesthetic form: layout of text and imagery should be well-organised and visually attractive Presentation: in person, presenters should effectively communicate their research to members of the audience We'd recommend a poster no bigger than A1 size. The display boards are 1.47m high by 1.17m wide. The title and text must be legible from a distance. Photos are welcome although not necessary. Further guidance can be found online: https://goo.gl/hjmQED