From slavery to freedom: experiences in Africa
Eugénia Rodrigues (Centro de História da Universidade de Lisboa)
Mariana Cândido (Notre Dame University)
1- Mariana Candido; 2 - Eugenia Rodrigues; 3 -Jose Nafafe, 4- Chouki El-Hamel, 5- Mariana Candido
B1 0.05
Thursday 18 July, 16:30-18:00, Friday 19 July, 9:30-11:00, 11:30-13:00, 14:00-15:30

Short abstract:

This panel explores the dynamics of the transition from slavery to freedom in Africa considering collective processes and individual experiences.

Long abstract:

Although the slave trade continues to dominate academic production, in the last years scholarship on enslaved Africans in Africa has remarkably expanded. Studies focus on the forms of slavery developed by Europeans and Muslims, especially in urban contexts, and pay attention to African patterns of slavery and other forms of dependency. At the same time, scholars analyse the processes of transition from slavery to freedom and the formal abolition of slavery in the context of an increasing use of the indenture labour. These researches contribute to rethink the meanings of slavery as a universal concept and to look to local experiences of slavery and freedom. This panel aims to discuss the trajectories from slavery to freedom within the African continent either focused on collective processes or individual experiences. We welcome papers from scholars working on a wide range of approaches on issues such as processes of capture and enslavement, access and meanings of manumission, political debates on the abolition of slavery, abolitionist legislative processes, judicial litigation, freedmen' situation, ex-slaves and rights of citizenship, prospects of slaves and freedmen on slavery and freedom.