Water imaginary. Representations and perceptions

Alice Santiago Faria (CHAM-NOVA FCSH-UAc)
Bloco 1, Sala 1.12
Start time:
12 July, 2017 at 16:00
Session slots:

Short abstract:

This panel will focus on water as a vital element, contemplated and regarded throughout humankind history. Several visions and representation will be presented here in a broadly chronological perspective.

Long abstract:

The water is a vital element for life. Humans need it to drink, to touch, play, and humans' imaginary has always been inspired by representations of water. It is a vital resource but a mystic element at the same time. In this sense, in different contexts or in different states, water was always represented by men, since pre-historic times till nowadays. Rivers, lagoons, the sea and all natural conditions that hold water were always an attractive place for living and represented in different ways. Is this panel we are going to discuss different perspectives and representations of the"water" element. Being difficult to reproduce water can be represented schematically or symbolically depending on the look of the observer, the writer, the artist or simply the gazer.