Coastal cultural heritage: assets, risks, opportunities

Ana Garcia (CHAM - New University of Lisbon)
Marisa Ronan (Trinity College Dublin)
Sanne Bech Holmgaard (Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research)
Bloco 1, Sala 1.11
Start time:
12 July, 2017 at 14:00
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Short abstract:

Coastal cultural heritage (CCH) is a resource of societal resilience, welfare and income for European coastal regions. This panel will explore a range of insights into the Assets, Risks, Opportunities inherent in CCH.

Long abstract:

European coastal regions have a rich and diverse cultural heritage which can play in important role in creating sustainable growth and development. This coastal cultural heritage (CCH) is an important resource of societal resilience, welfare and income for local communities in areas ranging from densely populated metropolitan areas to peripheral and sparsely populated regions. At the same time, CCH is vulnerable to environmental hazards, climate change and human stressors which put pressure on both tangible and intangible heritage in coastal regions. It is fundamental to understand how these co-occurring and often interacting stressors impinge upon cultural heritage in order to pursue effective strategies for their management. Such efforts require an interdisciplinary approach and considerations across sectors in order to integrate environmental, social, economic, cultural and historical perspectives and methodologies in a coherent framework for sustainable management and development. Cultural heritage values change over time and vary across Europe in different geographic situations, and their assessment is fundamental to understand and plan the sustainable use, conservation and management of cultural heritage. The key challenge is to evaluate assets, assess risks, and align with opportunities in broader societal developments in ways that balance economic, ecological, social, cultural and recreational interests. This panel will explore opportunities for creating interdisciplinary frameworks and methodologies for the sustainable use, conservation and management of CCH. A range of insights into the assets, risks and opportunities of CCH will be presented and discussed as well as future perspectives for research and management.