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How do Western Professional Service Providers Enable the Elites of Kleptocratic States? 
John Heathershaw (University of Exeter)
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Jacqueline Klopp (Columbia University)
Erica Marat (National Defense University)
Jody LaPorte (University of Oxford)
Political Science & International Relations
Saturday 16 October, 9:15-10:45 (UTC-4)

Long Abstract

There is an increasing understanding, in both academic literature and policy discourse, that the issue of grand corruption affecting developing, resource-rich countries – kleptocratic states – cannot be addressed without considering the Western ‘gatekeepers’ or ‘enablers’ of corruption. The objective of this article is to flesh out of the value chain of service provision going from, to Western boutique firms or 'rogue' service providers, and ultimately reaching out to the large blue-chip firms. The panel is composed of a set of papers from a Global Integrity Anti-Corruption evidence project on the international architecture which enables and disables kleptocratic state actors and associated elites across borders. The scope of the project is cross-regional, allowing systematic comparison between Post-Soviet Eurasian and postcolonial African cases. We document our findings regarding how and to what ends professional enablers support kleptocratic elites in laundering their monies and reputations.

Accepted papers: