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Oral Literature in Translation 
Gabriel McGuire (Nazarbayev University)
Virginia Martin (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
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Space Institute Room 403
Friday 11 October, -
Time zone: America/New_York

Long Abstract:

As the interdisciplinary study of Central Asia widens, with studies of literature and cultures at the fore, there is an urgent need for the consideration and translation of more primary source materials, as well a need to balance the proliferation of text based materials, with the many forms of oral literature indigenous to the region. This panel is meant to call attention to new projects at Universities in the region, and to promote local modern and historical sources in translation. From Nazarbayev University, we will present selections from a forthcoming Anthology of Central Asian Literature, edited by Gabriel McGuire, which includes the oral forms of folktales, epic poetry and verbal duels, praise songs, and laments from various language sources. From the American University of Central Asia, we will present work from the ongoing research on Manas (hero centered epic poetry) from generations of Kyrgyz poets. We will not only present current work in translation, but consider how the ongoing collection of such materials can work to strengthen our forms of pedagogy and research in the region through broader collaborative engagement.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 11 October, 2019, -