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Craft and creativity: breaking the rules 
Anneli Palmsköld (University of Gothenburg)
Johanna Rosenqvist (Linnaeus UniversityKonstfack)
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Material Culture and Museums
Wednesday 23 June, -
Time zone: Europe/Helsinki

Short Abstract:

This panel focuses on creative aspects of craft and making. The main questions asked are: What are the rules within craft and making, and what does it mean to break them? We invite you to contribute to the craft research field, whether you are doing contemporary or historical studies.

Long Abstract:

Creativity is an important aspect of peoples' everyday life, often connected to artistic and art-related practices and to what was called "folk art" in early ethnological studies. In this panel, we focus on creative aspects of craft and making. What are the social norms and rules within craft and making, and what does it mean to break them? Who makes the rules, how are they transmitted and why should they be followed, or broken? Does it matter who the maker is, or what hands and bodies are involved in the making?

Contemporary craft research addresses many themes, such as: the history of crafts; historical craft practices; contemporary engagement with craft traditions; innovation in crafts; material engagement in craft; social practices related to craft; political use of craft as a tool of change; craft and sustainability; maker spaces, and many more. Within craft research, many use participant observation, interviewing, autoethnography, and visualization techniques, archival studies, and research through actual making and taking part. From a theoretical point of view, craft researchers have been inspired by performativity, gender, intersectionality, affect theory and craft consumption in their studies.

We invite those who are interested in contributing to and developing the field of craft research. We welcome presentations dealing with interesting empirical examples, methodological development and theoretical discussions related to all aspects of craft and creativity that address both introspective and wider implications of craft and making.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Wednesday 23 June, 2021, -