Religious dwelling/s 
Barbro Blehr (Stockholm University)
Maria Zackariasson (Södertörn University)
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KWZ 1.601
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28 March, 2017 at 8:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

The panel invites papers on people's ways of finding their place or feeling at home in religious settings. Papers may focus on a variety of religious sites and communities, as well as on how religious dwelling/s are intertwined with the acts and attitudes of various kinds of Others.

Long Abstract

The panel "Religious dwelling/s" invites the exploration of people's ways of relating to and living with religion. The topic may encompass for example the experience (pleasant or the opposite) of feeling at home in a religious world; the struggle to make a religious setting your home or to escape from it; the efforts to keep a messy religious community together, or the art of sharing it with people that you do not like. The inhabited "sites" may be more or less substantial, from buildings and shrines and IRL congregations to communities and dwellings that are less tangible.

We encourage participants to explore religious attachments of all kinds, from the full-time and whole-hearted belonging, to relationships that may be hesitating, part-time and even unwilling. Likewise, we suggest that panellists pay attention to the attitudes and expectations of the surrounding society, not least seeing that these may differ profoundly between different local, regional and national contexts as well as historically. The significance of societal changes - where are we coming from and where are we going - is another important issue to address, as well as the question of how religious dwelling/s are preconditioned by and intertwined with the acts of various kinds of Others.

Accepted papers: