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Chronotopes during crisis: a sound-image-letter correspondence 
Alastair Lomas (University of Manchester)
Charlotte Hoskins (University of Oxford)
Andrea Bordoli (University of Bern)
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Panel Discussion
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19 March, 2021 at
Time zone: Europe/London
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Short Abstract:

Do crises disrupt normative notions of the 'chronotope' - the spatio-temporal coordinates in a given narrative? To explore how current global phenomena are reconfiguring relations to time and space, we invite contributions of sound-image-letters as a form of experimental correspondence.

Long Abstract:

Do crises disrupt the habitual rhythms that regulate people's lives, altering normative spatio-temporal configurations? This panel, departing from Bakhtin's notion of the chronotope (the coordinates of time and space within a given narrative) is an invitation to explore 'chronotopes during crisis.' In particular, we wish to draw together different perspectives via an exchange of short sound-image-letters that experiment with the mode of correspondence as a tool for creatively reconfiguring time and space. Understanding that the properties inherent in sound and image make them exemplary modes through which to critically engage chronotopes, we encourage contributors to address alternative pasts, different presents and desired futures. How does making and thinking in sound and image, its editing processes, and the letter as a narrative form further illuminate, disrupt or otherwise reconfigure chronotopes? How might these methods allow us to speculate other possibilities? How do the intimate spatio-temporal narratives embedded within letters stretch across the potential asynchronies of crisis?

The panel conveners shared an initial sound-image-letters as part of the open call, asking practitioners of anthropology, of the audiovisual arts, or of those involved in fertile collaborations between the two, to respond in the form of their own sound-image-letters. These take the form of videos, less than five minutes in duration. During the live panel we aim to open a space for community dialogue built on and around these themes.

Please find the convenors' sound-image-letter here: https://vimeo.com/451913782

Accepted papers:

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