Accepted Paper:

Ocaso/ocasión: letters from twilight  
Gerrit Stollbrock Trujillo (Universidad Externado and Los Andes (Bogota, Colombia))

Paper short abstract:

Four letters to my deceased grandfather reflecting on edges, boundaries, interstices, in this moment of intensified differentiations and global suspense, based on a photographic diary I started making while daily watching the sunset at my window.

Paper long abstract:

The 5th of April I started a daily "ritual": in a kind of meditation, for four months until quarantine in Bogotá (Colombia) was suspended, I would follow the sunset out of my flats’ window, right before the city light in front of me began to glue. I would do a photographic and audiovisual register. Some days I would write some notes in a diary, my grandfather, a chemist and mystic, being a main character of my reflections on this suspended times.

Some days later I would realize that those two words, which had been impregnating my mind while witnessing twilight, “ocaso”, sunset in Spanish, and “ocasión”, “occasion”, not only held my moods ambiguities, but had also a common etymological root. My reflections would then further focus on my daily experiences with borders and differentiations, so exacerbated during this pandemic, and its disruptions trough notions as “interstice”, “edge”.

For this audiovisual “chronotope” I built a collage of some of these photographs, together with a soundscape recorded in those same twilight hours, chose four days of my diary, and turned them into an audiovisual letter to my grandfather.

It’s a work in progress I will further develop in the following months.

Panel P18
Chronotopes during crisis: a sound-image-letter correspondence
  Session 1