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How communities' conserve, and how protected areas can destroy communities' ability to conserve 
Justin Kenrick (Forest Peoples Programme)
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Monday 25 October, 13:00-14:30

Short Abstract:

What's happening? How communities' conserve, and how protected areas can destroy their ability to conserve. Exploring the dynamic involved in communities' territorial governance, self-determination, and commons regimes, as well as the dynamics involved in their resisting extraction and appropriation

Long Abstract

Focused on

(1) Indigenous peoples' and local communities' territorial governance, and the complexities of self-determination. In this we encourage an exploration of the messy lived realities of commons regimes, one aspect of which is expressed in a statement from an Ogiek colleague that "We don't conserve, it's our way of life that conserves".

(2) Communities' experience of the dynamics involved in resisting extraction and appropriation. The challenges involved in seeking to resist human rights abuses by those appropriating community lands in the name of 'development' or 'conservation'. In particular the widespread failure of conservation to conserve when it is based on appropriating lands, something that is especially evident when protected areas are enacted to secure carbon and/or biodiversity finance, rather than to support and strengthen communities ability to sustain and be sustained by their lands.

We particularly welcome papers from indigenous peoples and local communities, as well as from those working with them as conservationists, as human rights supporters, and/ or as anthropologists.

Accepted papers:

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