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Refugees, aid-workers, migrants, in place, power, and time: self-agency, image, affect. 
Raymond Apthorpe (Royal Anthropological Institute)
Sarah Bittel (The Graduate Institute Geneva)
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Wednesday 16 September, 13:00-14:30, 15:00-16:30

Short Abstract:

Part of the broader picture of their material and immaterial circumstances, settings, and representation is the greater or lesser self-agency which refugees, aid-workers, and migrants come to have and inhabit in their everyday lives in place, power, and time.

Long Abstract

Alike in their own eyes and those of their beholders, refugees, aid-workers, and migrants as residents, neighbours, workers, co-religionists, and in other associational roles and statuses, become through their own agency in place, power and time more than ‘just’ refugees, aid-workers, migrants. Changing self- and other images and imaginaries come to define the geographical and social scene as new ways of living and livelihood and looking for work take hold. There is therefore a broader, multi-dimensional, intelligibility as people in their everyday lives, as beings and bodies, beyond and transcending such ascribed, one- dimensional, ‘refugee’, ‘aid-worker’ and ‘migrant’ labelling respectively as passive and weak, active and powerful, and anomalous and transitory.

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