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Nomadic geographies: territories as spatial imaginaries moving with people and things

Michele Feder-Nadoff (El Colegio de Michoacán)
Claudia Rocha Valverde (El Colegio de San Luis)
Lorena Ojeda Davila (Universidad Michoacana/University of New Mexico)
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This panel maps nomadic geographies and territories to re-interpret the meaning of place and home. Papers present ethnographies analyzing how material and immaterial creative practices stitch together distances, mend spatial ruptures and route new spatial-emo-haptic-sensorial correspondences.

Long abstract:

Nomadic geographies looks at changing anthropological conceptions of territorial spaces and creative practices of adaptation, re-emplacement and re-representation. Territories are spatial-temporal imaginaries in which peoples and things move, navigate, interact, correspond, remember and are remembered. Human geographies cannot be fixed by impermeable borders, nor can places of origin be reduced to fixed temporal points. Places combine the imagined and the yearned-for. Places move with people weaving interconnected geographies. Places also shift through the making and circulation of things. Places and these representations, can navigate, penetrate and transform other places, peoples and things. We are interested in ethnographies mapping nomadic human geographies and creative performative agency. Narratives are welcomed sharing stories and analysis of forced or chosen displacement and dispersement. Suggested themes might include: How are practices intrinsic to one place maintained through alteration in another? How do sensorial and performative practices, such as, craft or creative and/or religious rituals reconfigure human geographies? And, how do people (re)configure cultural ecologically-based practices within drastically altered ecological landscapes? How can sacred spaces or pilgrimage paths be sustained within changing political and biological geographies? How might we then approach an anthropology of home? This panel calls for papers or visual anthropologies of places, as photo essays or videos. Sessions will be complimented by a concluding open lab inviting participants to map nomadic geographies. Mappings will trace histories, moving borders, routes and journeys of peoples, places and things with threads, ink and collage into a collective tapestry redefining territories and space.

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