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Anthropology and Geography in Postsocialism

Vesna V. Godina (University of Maribor)
Borders and Places
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In our panel we will open several questions about relations between anthropology and geography in postsocialism, such as: first, changes in geography in postsocialist societies; and second, the fact that postsocialist societies represent a (geographic) field location for Western anthropologists.

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In postsocialist societies several important changes have been connected with the geography of these societies. The first group of changes is connected with deindustrialization and deagrarianization which were part of postsocialist change. These processes changed the geography of these countries in several ways. Some of them have been also been analyzed by anthropologists. We will discuss these changes in more detail. The second group of problems, connected with anthropology and geography in postsocialism, is the fact that postsocialist geographical locations have become a field for Western anthropologists after the end of socialism. This fact has already been researched and critically evaluated in anthropology and other disciplines. We would like to open a discussion on how postsocialist societies have become an anthropological field influenced by geography, anthropology and other disciplines.

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