Accepted Paper:

The box-assemblage as a sentient artefact  
Lawrence Buttigieg

Paper short abstract:

The box-assemblage is the result of my fascination with Idoia; infusing it with Idoia-related zeal, I not only "make-real" this artefact, but project my sentience through it. Acting as interchange between us, the box-assemblage not just acquires responsibilities but takes on zoetic characteristics.

Paper long abstract:

My graphic presentation focuses on the sentient qualities of the box-assemblage, an artefact which I create to assuage my angst stemming from the conflictual juxtaposition between my fascination with Idoia, a model I regularly work with, and the awareness that I can never fully comprehend the alterity embodied by her. Drawing on Elaine Scarry, I assert that by transforming and permeating with "Idoia-related devotion" the materials I work with, I am not only "making-real" the box-assemblage, but also projecting my own sentience through its agency. This mixed-media artefact, which aspires to serve as the quintessential sanctuary for manifold simulacra of Idoia inspired by my affectivity toward her, is a binary process whose intent is to aesthetically come to terms with such passion while expressing the subjective objectification of my inner self through her. Although at a componential level its materiality is incognizant and incapable of affection, as an Idoia-themed sanctuaried structure it is the result of my apperception of this woman's body and psyche, or rather the materialised maturation of my feelings toward her. Thus, it carries the twofold responsibility of enduringly sustaining and maturating my relationship with her and fulfilling my desire to mediate with that which represents otherness in my existence. Imbued with my imagination and acting as a point of interchange between myself and a specific female body, the box-assemblage not only acquires its own responsibilities and serviceableness but, notwithstanding the inanimateness of its materiality, it also takes on zoetic characteristics.

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