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"Culture in Action": Between Performance and Ethnography 
Styliani Papakonstantinou (Dilos School of Acting, Athens, Greece)
Senate House South Block - Room G16
Friday 1 June, -, -, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

The scope of this panel would be to attract academics and artists who have conducted ethnographic research on performance in the fields of theatre, dance and music. Their presentations will be paper-based supported by any kind of relevant audiovisual material to illustrate their work.

Long Abstract:

Theatre, dance and music provide a fruitful ground of observations in culture specific contexts and since they all derive from ritual and tradition, they also provide a great body of knowledge for both performers and observers. The specific panel aspires to bring together researchers and artists who view performance on theatre, dance and music through the lens of ethnographic case study and thus share any practical, theoretical and methodological knowledge they accumulated during their research, with a wider audience. Performance and 'acting' in theatre, dance and music is about transformations and metamorphoses through which stories are narrated and a message is conveyed to the audience. Theater, dance and music ethnographers are able to observe the analogies between the action that takes place in a performance and the human condition, within a specific cultural context.

The presentations are going to be distributed equally among researchers of theatre, dance and music performance with a fifteen-minute paper-based presentation of their work accompanied by a ten-minute audio/visual material. The material can be a short film, photographic footage, recorded visual or audio interviews with performers or anything else that the participants think fit in order to illustrate their work, generate fruitful discussion and exchange of ideas. The integration of audiovisual footage on the one hand and of performance and ethnography on the other, will assist in looking critically at the multiplicity of forces that shape artistic work on the canvas of social interactions.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 1 June, 2018, -