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Liberating the past or haunting the future? 
Daniel Barroca (University of Florida)
SOAS Main Building - 4426
Saturday 2 June, -, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

How do images emerge from contexts of past conflicts? Why do they appear? How do we turn them tangible through art? What are they doing in our lives? Do we live under their influence, even if we don't quite know where do they come from? Are we using them to resolve the past or haunt the future?

Long Abstract:

This panel proposes to discuss the traumatic experiences of violence and war in the strange and confusing realm of post-memory. The most tangible symptoms of traumatic transmission can be observed in cultural practices that involve an aesthetical production. In our debate, we will narrow the notion of aesthetical production to the intentional act of producing images. We will, therefore, discuss the way we understand images produced in the past or how we produce images of the past in the present. We will discuss how ghosts become perceivable through the production of shapes, projections, or representations to which we usually call art. We will hence reflect upon the evocative power of images and their capacity to connect, or mix, apparently discrepant temporalities in awkward time shifts where past, present, and future might interconnect in ways that challenge the linear historicism of our official narratives. What kind of transference occurs between a traumatized generation and the next one? Is Post-memory a haunted zone? Where trauma opens the way to the allegoric projections of imagination? How do lived experiences of violence become images in a generational transference? Do images really look back at us? How do we exchange gazes with a past that we didn't experience in the first place? Why is this important when we imagine the future?

This panel gathers participants with artistic, anthropological and philosophical backgrounds. Although the participants may present cases from specific geographies the main goal is to discuss conflict, post-memory and its images in a transversal manner.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Saturday 2 June, 2018, -