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Art, Culture and Materiality in the Arabian Peninsula 
Sarina Wakefield (University of Leicester)
Sabrina DeTurk (Zayed University Dubai)
Brunei Gallery - B211
Saturday 2 June, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

This panel seeks to explore the ways in which cultural institutions and individual cultural actors have contributed to, and shaped, the materialisation of arts and culture in the Gulf States.

Long Abstract:

This panel seeks to explore the intersections between art, culture and materiality in the Arabian Peninsula. Traditionally the Arabian Peninsula has consisted of oral based tribal societies. Arguably, rapid development and investment has led to increasing materialisation within the Arabian Peninsula. This panel is particularly interested in exploring how developments within the arts and cultural sector have led to an increasingly materialised cultural industry. The panel is particularly interested in exploring the ways in which artists, collectors, curators, dealers and cultural institutions have contributed to the materialisation of cultural formations in the Arabian Peninsula. We are particularly interested in exploring what factors are involved in developing new forms of material culture within traditionally oral based societies. What processes are involved in the formation of new types of material assemblages in the Arabian Peninsula? Who are the key actors involved in shaping material based collections? How are communities responding to new and existing assemblages of material culture? Papers are welcomed from cultural practitioners, artists, archaeologists, museologists, critical heritage scholars and academics.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Saturday 2 June, 2018, -