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Making, Materials and Recovery: Perspectives "from the inside" 
Amanda Ravetz (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Emilia Ferraro (University of St. Andrews)
SOAS Senate House - S113
Saturday 2 June, -, -, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

Research about Art and Health straddles many fields and topics, but presents 2 gaps: artistic research; and first-hand perspectives on sickness and recovery. We invite experiential and/or practice-led perspectives on making, materials and recovery, exploring the "insider's" perspective.

Long Abstract:

Research about Art and Health straddles many fields and topics. However, related literature presents two issues: an over-attention to evaluation, which is argueably detrimental to artistic research in arts and health; and a lack of first-hand experiential perspectives on sickness and recovery.

The panel explores recovery as a process of (mutual) learning, where art making and recovery translate into new forms of practice and knowledge. Having worked on wellbeing practice and theory, we now wish to gather personal experiences of art and recovery to question the importance of an "insider's" perspective.

We are interested in: the nature of the knowledge and practice generated by an experience of sickness and recovery; the role making/art play in new forms of knowledge and practice. How such knowledge changes the nature of academic knowledge? How it shifts our conception of knowing, teaching, and research? Can experiences of sickness, recovery and art be considered research methodologies in their own right? Can such experiences be incorporated into our practice as academics? What value can they have for our institutions?

We invite presentations including, but not limited to the following:

art and recovery as knowledge-generating processes

uses of different art forms in recovery - what is the role of materials?

usefulness of anthropological concepts in this field

new modes of analysing and communicating art and recovery from inside, including but not limited to writing

institutional responses to sickness

recovery and social justice within the academy

asset-based approaches to sickness

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Saturday 2 June, 2018, -