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The Anthropology of Creativity in Art 
Ross Bowden
Brunei Gallery - B204
Friday 1 June, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

This panel will consider creativity in art from a cross-cultural perspective. Detailed consideration will be given to how creativity in art is manifested in indigenous societies and how this is understood by artists and others.

Long Abstract:

The topic of creativity raises complex and far-reaching issues in the study of art cross-culturally. For the purposes of this panel 'creativity' refers to the way individuals introduce new motifs and modes of representation to their society's visual repertoire. Creativity in art is arguably found in all societies. But cross-culturally there are radical differences, among other things, in:

(1) the way artists, and others, understand it,

(2) how local understandings affect the treatment of 'art' objects over the longer term,

(3) how it relates to judgments of quality in art, and

(4) how it relates to differences in artists' personal styles.

Speakers are invited to address these or other relevant topics. To keep the session manageable papers will focus on particular societies, mostly indigenous, but speakers are welcome to place their data in wider ethnographic frameworks, including comparisons and contrasts with the modern West. (144 words)

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 1 June, 2018, -