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has pdf download Print versus digital media: teachers' perspectives  


Kishor John (Office of the Additional Director, Higher Education, Indore)

Paper short abstract:

This empirical study was conducted to collect views of teachers of engineering colleges of Indore City as regards their preference for selecting between print media and digital media for reading.

Paper long abstract:

Now-a-days information is also available in digital form. Readers are rapidly moving towards digital media. It seems that the reading of digital media would supersede the print media. This situation has raised several questions regarding sustainability of print media or it will be overridden by the digital media. This study covers the different factors effecting the reading habits in regard to the format of document Print v/s Digital i.e., Length of reading material, purpose or nature of the reading, ICT skills of user, Availability of internet connection, structure of reading material, Information (current v/s archives), reader's nature or reading habits of different readers. This study also tried to understand the advantages of print version over digital version and vice versa. This study based on simple hypothesis i.e. "There is no significant effect of digital media over print media". A descriptive research methodology has been adopted and to suffice the method and research question, a Structured Questionnaire survey has been used to collect Primary Data. Total 840 Questionnaires were distributed among teachers of 42 engineering colleges of Indore and in response 702 have been received. The questionnaires have been prepared using likert scale so that, the intensity of acceptance for an option can be expressed. This study also presents its finding and some suggestions in regards to control the situation. Although the study concludes that the digital media is overriding print media but it can not replace print media completely.

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