Common themes and varied approaches: globalization, migration and popular arts (AAA/JASCA joint panel)
Monica Heller (University of Toronto)
Junji Koizumi (NIHU and Osaka University)
Convention Hall B
Start time:
16 May, 2014 at 13:30
Session slots:

Short abstract:

AAA and JASCA collaboratively organize this three-part panel and discuss three major themes: globalization, migration and popular arts. Discussion will focus on what we can gain from bridging across varied approaches to these themes.

Long abstract:

This is a three-part panel collaboratively organized by AAA and JASCA. It takes up three major themes which are consequential for the future with and of anthropology but can be approached in different ways. They are globalization, migration and popular arts, and these themes will be discussed semi-independently. For each theme, we have two speakers, one from AAA and one from JASCA, and two discussants, also one from each association. Discussion will focus on what we can gain from making bridges across our varied approaches to these themes we share in common. Three sub-panels proceed in the following order: 1. GLOBALIZATION Paper presentations: Yoshinobu Ota (Kyushu University) Gavin Smith (University of Toronto) Discussants: Eisei Kurimoto (Osaka University) Theodore C. Bestor (Harvard University) 2. MIGRATION Paper presentations: Jonathan Xavier INDA (University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign) Ikuya Tokoro (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) Discussants: Miyako Inoue (Stanford University) Takami Kuwayama (Hokkaido University) 3. POPULAR CULTURE Paper presentations: Yoshiaki Furuya (Kyushu University) Erin B. Taylor (Universidade de Lisboa) Discussants: Yasushi Uchiyamada (University of Tsukuba) John McCreery (Word Works)