Afro-Eurasian inner dry land civilization 
Yoshihito Shimada (Nagoya University)
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15 May, 2014 at 8:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

This panel discusses on three subjects of Afro-Eurasian Inner Dry land Civilization supported with pastoralist power: animal powers, pastoralist relationship to other cultures and transformation of pastoralist culture in socialist countries

Long Abstract

We have studied Afro-Eurasian Inner Dry land Civilization from pastoralist point of view, considering its developpement having owned to pastoralist power. This was particularly transporting and military power. The formation of continental wide trade networks as well as that of great empires have been realizede with these two kinds of power, so that a global civilisationof continental wide has been realised where different peoples living in remote regions, different cultures in different regions have interacted between them. Here we want to discuss on the three subjects. First, milk and dung cultures no less important than transporting and military ones. Secondly, other cultures like clothes, leather tapistry, arts and religios,relatedly developped with pastoral civilization. Third, radical transformation of pastoralism going in ex socialist countries.

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