Anti-Poverty County Museum Construction Project in Yunnan

Ga Wu (Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences)
Yanyang Pan
Alan Turing Building G108
Start time:
8 August, 2013 at 9:00
Session slots:

Short abstract:

We will discuss national minority and their heritage cultural museum construction projects, ownership structures, dynamic presentations, and anti-poverty initiatives, finally, we will invite three exhibition team members in order to share their experiences.

Long abstract:

Pan Yanyang: Yunnan provincial Religious Research Center Associate Director Representative officials from the Yunnan Provincial Anti-Poverty office, Representative officials from the Yunnan Provincial Tourism Office Representative officials from the Yunnan Provincial Museum representatives from above four units will discuss 1) Current initiatives and efforts made by Yunnan's local tourism, cultural, religious, and museum leadership offices from 128 counties, national qutonomous areas, townships, 2) Major achevements and future plans 3) Anti-poverty tourism development and national minority heritage museum construction works, 4) diversified ecological condition, land structure, ownership transformation scholarly research papers from different regions will be invited, so that both global and yunnan's experience could be comparied.