The role of the museum of ethnography in a changing multi-cultural society: issues of ethnicity, identity and cultural heritage (IUAES Commission of Museums and Cultural Heritage)
Mohan Gautam (European University of West & East)
Museum Anthropology
Kanaris Theatre, Museum
Thursday 8 August, 14:00-15:00 (UTC+0)

Short abstract:

The role of museum has shifted to an anthropological bridge between research and education. It is hampered with certain issues,such as, status rivalries, budgeting,ethnicity, identity , cultural heritage, etc. In such a situation, how a museum can survive and create a balance of co-existence?

Long abstract:

During the era of colonial pluralism the minority ruling power collected objects and information of the majority people from the colonies, exhibiting about the uncivilized primitive cultures and social systems. With the growth of the science of anthropology research methods were developed and research continued. Museums displayed the cultures and the structural accounts of the concerned people were published.However, status rivalries continued. The museum curator was considered as a high clerk.Authenticity of the museum publications was doubted.

The budgeting authority and Ministry considered museum activities as non-productive and non-profitable. Entree fee was increased. Museum could have legitimized the cultures of the multicultural society and shown the process of ethnicity, identity formation and their will to live as an integrated society.

Museums need a new strategy to play its role in educating the people about an emerging globale society.