Accepted paper:

Are really mueums coping with change in a multi-cultural society


Mohan Gautam (European University of West & East)

Paper short abstract:

Museum policy has been planned to up todate the socio-cultural information documented,published and showed in exhibitions. The lack of government subsidies and continuous professional rivalries hinder the role of museums. How can we change it.

Paper long abstract:

The paper will focus the issues and problems confronted by the museum staff in documenting; cataloguing, collecting, publishing qnd exhibiting the objects to the public in their countries. Certain anthropological museum experts suffer with the professional rivalrires. They are not motivated to up todate the museum collections. In a multi-cultural society their task to reflect the cultures of various ethnic groups is never completed. Examples of many countries of Africa and Asia will be used. Finally an attempt will be made to discover a new strategy to solve problems.

panel MUS05
The role of the museum of ethnography in a changing multi-cultural society: issues of ethnicity, identity and cultural heritage (IUAES Commission of Museums and Cultural Heritage)