Anthropology in-the-making: exploring dynamic ways of story-telling and non-conventional methods of presentation 
Camilla Morelli (University of Bristol)
Michael Atkins (University of Manchester)
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Alan Turing Building G209
Tuesday 6 August, 9:00-10:00, 11:00-12:00 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

This panel explores the use of creative approaches to ethnography and conference-presentation that emerge in response to imaginary, ambiguous and multi-vocal aspects of people's lives

Long Abstract

This panel aims to explore sensuous forms of storytelling (both written and otherwise) that investigate different aspects and possibilities of human life. Our aim is to stimulate creative methods of conference-presentation that emerge in response to experiences of the imaginary, ambiguous and multi-vocal aspects of people's everyday lives.

The role that storytelling plays in anthropology has been widely recognized. However, despite the variety of contexts and realms of life they explore, anthropologists are often required to produce ethnography that conforms to certain academic standards of knowledge production. This panel encourages authors from various disciplines (anthropology, drama, arts, and so forth) to present their work by using experimental, creative and non-conventional methods of presentation (including performing, drawing, filming). We suggest that the conference itself offers a moment for dynamic expression and mutual exchanges through which meanings are made and ideas transformed.

In so doing, we seek to explore the contributions of such creative methods of presentation to anthropological knowledge and suggest a view of anthropology itself as a dynamic discipline in which meanings emerge through mutual interactions and dynamic exchanges.

Accepted papers: