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Politics and social mobilization: contemporary insights in the relations among governments, states and civil societies in Africa and Latin America 
Mabel Grimberg (University of Buenos Aires)
Marcelo Rosa (University of Brasília)
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Being Human
Schuster Lab Moseley
Thursday 8 August, 9:00-10:00, 11:00-12:00, 14:00-15:00 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

The panel challenges dichotomies as State/civil society, material/symbolic, culture/politics, ethnical/political through researches on the social as a political arena where models of subordination and domination or agency and subjectivities are challenged.

Long Abstract

In its democratic and post-colonial order various African and Latin American countries have experienced a myriad of political process reclaiming the intertwining agency of social actors and the State in configuring and articulating social, political, economic and symbolic dimensions. In the last two decades new lights have been ethnographically shed into understanding social policies, forms of government and conflict regulations. Meanwhile emergent forms and repertoires regarding the so-called popular and subaltern sectors demands have renovated political and intellectual concerns. State prerogatives have been consumed by popular political language through social landmarks that have transformed our notions about rights and the archival power of registering administrating and historicizing the civity. Such landmarks can be identified in the building of memories and traditions, modes of participation in collective demands, in its intersection with gender, generation, domestic and labour issues. The panel aims to bring together analytical perspectives on power and politics whose questions emerge from actual researches on the State, government, social demands, forms of resistance and social mobilization in both continents. Our main concern is to challenge dichotomic and normative perspectives as State/civil society, material/symbolic, culture/politics, ethnical/political and will welcome others proposed by panellists. The panel has especial interest in interventions of other epistemologies, subordination and domination experiences, agencies, subjectivities in the constitution of the social as a political arena.

Accepted papers: