Aesthetics of development: art, anthropogy and spiritual transformations of self and society 
Ananta Kumar Giri (Madras Inst of Development Studies)
John Clammer (United Nations University)
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Being Human
University Place 4.205
Thursday 8 August, 9:00-10:00, 11:00-12:00 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

The panel explores aesthetic issues in development and the challenges of spiritual transformations of self and society.

Long Abstract

The discourse and practice of human development is at a cross-road now. For quite some time, critics and reflective practitioners in the field of development have raised ethical and moral issues in the vision and practice of development such as poverty, hunger, displacement and production of underdevelopment by the very interventionist process and logic of development. This has led to the rise of vibrant critical development ethics to which many practitioners of anthropology of development have contributed. But ethics of development has seldom addressed aesthetic issues of and in human development and the interlinked processes of spiritual transformations of self, culture and society. In our panel, we address these issues and nurture development aesthetics as an emergent field of discourse, practice, cross-cultural conversations cutting across insights from East and West such as Kant and Sri Aurobindo, research endeavors, self-realizations and social transformations. In our session, we bring cutting-edge research in such fields as anthropology of development, anthropology of art, philosophical anthropology, critical anthropology of religion and spiritual transformations together in mutual and transformative conversations and dialogues.

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