Angkor beyond temples, a countercurrent archaeology
Jean-Baptiste Chevance (Archaeology & Development Foundation)
Pierre Bâty (INRAP)
2. Salle de cours rez-de-jardin MAE
Start time:
8 July, 2015 at 9:00
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Short abstract:

Everyday life and Man’s place in Angkorian society, far from an archeology of temples and elites.

Long abstract:

In recent years, the number of excavations devoted to the archeology of ancient Cambodia has risen substantially; especially those focused outside the sanctuary and into the heart of the cities and villages, in urban spaces as well as in the countryside. This approach, far from an archeology of religious and secular elites, far from the study of the temples and religious history, enables new new light to be shed on the vernacular aspects of society through the investigation of the organization of housing, domestic and craft activities and everyday objects. This approach is as interested in Man’s place in Angkorian society as in its relationships with the natural environment, or to cultural and secular practices. Close to social anthropology perspectives, this approach integrates Man within a broader frame that takes into account the organization of the territory and the movement of people, goods and ideas. The chronological spectrum goes from preangkorain to postangkorian period.