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The present future: prospects and constraints of African artistic creativity in digital media 
Izuu Nwankwọ (University of Toronto)
Daria Tunca (University of Liège, Belgium)
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Language and Literature (x) Decoloniality & Knowledge Production (y)
Neues Seminargebäude, Seminarraum 12
Wednesday 31 May, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Berlin

Short Abstract:

This panel seeks to discuss the prospects and limitations of digital media in the emboldening and mainstreaming of African/ diasporic popular culture, with a view to examining the generic mergers and alterations in the creation of music, dance, literature, and myriad performances of "Africanness".

Long Abstract:

The panel seeks contributions that address ways in which digital media (re)shapes and redistributes African cultural productions in more globalized spaces. With the increase in mobile telephony and internet access, digital media now dictates how culture is produced, distributed, and experienced within the continent, its diasporas and in exchanges with the rest of the world. Consequently, we are interested in discourses surrounding how digital media is constantly changing our encounters with artistic productions. For example, we wish to investigate how the conciseness, brevity, and straight-to-the-point nature of social media, with its elicitation of individualized media and participation (Kperogi 2020), now influence how hitherto conventional forms are produced and circulated. Literature, for instance, is now also produced as short e-versions distributed online next to the usual printed format (Adenekan 2021). Theatre and other live performances have also become distributed online, instantiating what Philip Auslander (2011) refers to as digital liveness. In addition to these emergences, primarily online social media self-performances and film distribution channels have also become common.

With the evident generic convergences within these digital media emergences, what possibilities and limitations are there for the foreseeable future? To address this and other questions, we seek interdisciplinary approaches and discourses that explore digital media use and artistic production of culture in Africa within a fast globalizing world.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Wednesday 31 May, 2023, -
Session 2 Wednesday 31 May, 2023, -