Encountering publics in African cities: embodied research and experiential learning
Anna Selmeczi (University of Cape Town)
Social Anthropology
Appleton Tower, Seminar Room 2.06
Thursday 13 June, 16:15-17:45, 17:55-19:25

Short abstract:

This panel focuses on pedagogies that facilitate research through encountering everyday practices of inhabiting African cities. How do we teach embodied methods and foster experiential learning? And, what can these tell us about the multiple, intersecting publics of African cities?

Long abstract:

This panel focuses on pedagogical practices that facilitate research in and writing about spaces of everyday life found through encountering daily practices of inhabiting and building African cities. We invite papers that explore and account for forms of teaching and learning that experiment with a variety of ways of knowing the city and that facilitate modes of engaging the richness of experiences and stories of cities in Africa. How do we 'know' and research the abundance of encounters that everyday life in the urban setting offers? How do we find ways to teach techniques of reading and understanding variegated mobilities, senses and sensations that structure and disrupt 'the public'? How do we facilitate the development of an ethos, mode and sentiment of research (Dewsbury 2009) that, instead of seeking to provide an authentic representation of practices and situations, embraces the risks and possibilities of experimentation through immersing ourselves in the rich sensible fabric of the city? Aiming to theorize African cities creatively, the panel embraces experimental pedagogical practices that center the situatedness of our knowledge and reflect on the multiple, intersecting publics central to everyday life in African cities.