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Who is in, who is out? Exploring collectives in health research 
Elise Paradis (University of Toronto)
Mathieu Albert (University of Toronto)
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Thursday 1 September, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid

Short Abstract:

This track will explore the different manifestations of the collective in academic health research (incl. interdisciplinarity, private/public partnerships, community-based participatory research, etc.) and their impact on patterns of inclusion and exclusion of historically marginalized communities.

Long Abstract:

The scientific landscape is currently experiencing major transformations. Governments, funding bodies and universities are redrawing knowledge production practices to align with ideals of collective practice that bring together the disciplines, researchers and research participants, as well as private and public organizations. This track will explore the impact of these major transformations of "collectives" in health research and their role in transforming relationships among stakeholders in the research enterprise: How are interdisciplinary policies changing science and knowledge production? How is the involvement of participants in research transforming practices and outcomes, as well as redefining what we mean by "good" research? How is the greater involvement of industry, governments and private enterprise shaping the types of questions that are asked by researchers? Whose interests guide the research process? Who evaluates what constitutes "good" research? In sum, this track will seek to answer key questions of science policy: Who is in, who is out in science and knowledge production today? Who are the actors at the center and at the periphery? Are we witnessing the redefinition of scientific legitimacy? If so, in whose favor?

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Thursday 1 September, 2016, -