Actor networks 
Andrzej Wojciech Nowak (Adam Mickiewicz University)
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C. Humanisticum AB 2.10
Thursday 18 September, 17:00-18:45 (UTC+0)

Long Abstract

Actor-Network Theory (ANT) has been attracting attention in academia long enough to stimulate a significant number of works outside its "core", which aim at various forms of its critical analysis. Two forms seem dominant: the first critically analyzes its problematic points, the second attempts to transform it as to use it in a new way or in a new area. Also the "Actor networks" session consists of different approaches to ANT. First, a possibility of integration of ANT and social network analysis (SNA) will be thoroughly investigated. Second, ANT will be treated as a conceptual and theoretical toolbox full of tools that could be withdrawn and used in another context. Here, one paper will use circulatory model of science (science blood flow) from Bruno Latour's "Pandora's Hope" to study a socio-scientific controversy, while another one will focus on (in)visibility and trust to study institutions and Occupy Movement. Finally, ANT will be subjected to political critical analysis.

Accepted papers: