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Trust in (micro-) Institutions again


Simone Belli (Yachay Tech)

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Bruno Latour (2013) claims that if no institution were visible, trust would not be necessary. When we appeal to trust in an institution, we share the concern for a fragile and complex institution. We will show the relationship between subjects and objects in micro-institutions, where trust represents emotional ties between subjects and objects. Objects are not "things", but situations; and emotions are perceptual construction of complex situations. We will present a model where trust is accessible through the testimony's figure to offer knowledge and information at the basis of institutions. We define how trust works in our narratives and how is an internalized and dialogical process. We present trust in an open, social and micro institution. Data comes from in-depth interviews, ethnographic observations in camps and assemblies during 2011, and tweets associated to the Occupy Movement. In OM, the institution of democracy has adjusted to the modes designed by the citizens; a new space has opened up by a series of negotiations and interactions between subjects and objects. Horizontal democracy is a traditional institution adjusted to the modes can be designed. Trust is managed in these processes to occupy a first level position in the institution. Subjects design their narratives a new form of sharing knowledge and authority through an internalized and dialogical process.

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