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Engaging experimental methods for transformative knowledge-making: new horizons in STS and ethnographic research 
Angela Marques Filipe (Durham University)
Órla Meadhbh Murray (Durham University)
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Tiago Moreira (Durham University)
Ayo Wahlberg (University of Copenhagen)
Combined Format Open Panel

Short Abstract:

We explore the use of experimental methods and/or multimodal ethnographies across topics in STS (including health, wellbeing and climate). Through unconventional approaches that engage with lived experiences and living environments, we chart new horizons and forms of knowledge-making in the field.

Long Abstract:

In recent years, there have been calls for new modes of knowledge production and research that not only reflect a broader range of experiences and interlocutors but also help addressing complex dimensions of lived experiences and living environments. Alongside this, there has been a shift towards more engaged accessible, and distributed forms of knowledge-making in STS and in health research, specifically (Filipe et al., 2017; Erikainen et al. 2022). How do we experiment with and situate our work in relation to different methods and modes of inquiry in these fields – whether co-creative, speculative, institutional, participatory, or autoethnographic? How might experimental and sensory methods engender new discussions that legitimize a plurality of knowledges and ways of being in the world?

This panel invites presentations on the use of sensory, ethnographic, and experimental methods across topics in STS, broadly conceived, and those with a thematic focus on health, wellbeing, and our living environments. We welcome submissions from those who have used (1) sensory methodologies, such as sensory ethnography (Pink 2009), participatory taste workshops (Kelley 2023), and sound-recording walk-shops (Moreira 2023), as well as those working with (2) experimental forms of ethnography, including assemblage and multimodal autoethnography (Wahlberg 2022, Filipe 2024) and institutional ethnographies (Smith 2005; Smith & Griffith 2022). We are particularly interested in work that seeks to reimagine the “experimental” and open up the canon of “methods” in research, as informed by neurodivergent, crip, feminist, decolonial, and global STS scholarship. If we are to ‘make and do transformations’, then how do we that in our knowledge-making practices, by thinking, sensing, and designing research differently?

We will consider traditional papers as well as unconventional formats combining text with multimedia and/or interactive learning activities (e.g., poetry, song, animation, play, creative workshops). We have plans for a dual publication format on the topic.

Accepted contributions:

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3